6 Tips In Case You Get Laid Off

This being the week of my wedding, I hope you don’t mind that I’m referring you to some other sites that feature my writing.  For today, I’m sending you to The Smarter Wallet where I wrote an article that was published yesterday about what to do if you are laid off and what to do while you’re still employed.  All of us are at risk of job loss during a recession so take a look and enjoy.  Here’s an excerpt:


Like most Americans, I really have no idea what it feels like to stand in a food line or live on the street. I’ll admit that I’ve been lulled into complacency by years of economic prosperity and have long assumed that the prosperous America that I live in will never change so that there’s no real urgency in having to build an emergency fund or to prepare for the worst.

But with the recent spate of job layoffs over the last year, I’ve been nervous about being in debt or not having enough in my emergency fund. Who knows if tomorrow brings the unexpected, which suddenly takes away our income power? Well, during a time of difficulty, it’s best to focus on the positive and to try to stay productive. I’ve been inspired to compile a list of things we could do to help us cope with the unexpected and deal with a job layoff.

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