Bank of America personal banking is one of many online choices

fed2While we could talk about the Bank of America personal banking services for an entire article, what I want to talk about is something that I find to be alarming and that is people’s lack of knowledge of the online tools available to them from their bank for managing all of their accounts.

I remember when I had my first real bank account.  I opened a savings account and a checking account.  As a poor high school student about to enter college, I didn’t have much money in the bank.  If you think back to your teenage years, you probably remember the average balance, or lack of balance, that you had.

If you were like me, you had no money but you had no problem finding the wonderful world of bills.  The bills piled up much faster than the money to pay them.  At that time the technological advance that had taken place was the ability to check account balances by calling an automated service.  The recorded lady on the other side of the phone would always quote a balance that was much lower than what I wanted.

Times are different now.  I have a lot more money than those days and my options for keeping track of my bank accounts are much more plentiful.  Let’s use Bank of America personal banking as an example.

Looking at their website, you will find that you can pay your bills online, transfer funds between your accounts, monitor your accounts on your mobile phone, receive text alerts, view your bank statement online, and much more.

Did you know that nearly every bank and credit union has features similar to those of Bank of America personal banking?  Your bank or credit union most likely has these features and would be happy to show you how to use them.

Identity theft and online fraud are a mainstay in our society.  For this reason, you cannot wait until your statement arrives to check for problems.  You need to check much more frequently than that.

If you haven’t been using the online options that your bank offers, sign up today.  There is no need to make a trip to an ATM or a branch office to check your account status.  Give it a try and you will find it much easier.

By the way, even with online banking, I still don’t have nearly as much money as I would like.  They haven’t invented an answer to that problem yet.

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