Have you tried Bing?

bingGoogle is the industry leader when it comes to search, right? It has become the accepted idea that when you want to search, you go to Google but somebody new has shown up, almost without warning. This new player has pulled market share from Google and if you believe the reports, Google is a nervous.

Microsoft describes Bing like this:

Bing provides great general search results, relevance, a big index and speed — all of the hallmarks of a good search engine. However, because sorting through search results can often be time consuming, Bing organizes popular results in a different way, designed to help you get the answers you’re looking for without having to guess the right way to phrase a search term.

This is not your normal search engine. Where Google has become known as not cluttering its homepage with a lot of advertisements and visitor friendly information, Microsoft also has a very minimal search page except for the beautiful image filling our screen. This alone makes Bing more appealing and a place where users will want to stay.

Looking at their press release, the searches are more intelligent. Related searches is a highly convenient feature. If I search for “networking” Bing returns what I’m looking for but on the left hand side of the screen it gives me the option of seeing results for social networking, networking basics, and business networking to name a few.

Once you find a site that you like, there is even a preview feature. This allows you to see the site without having to click away from Bing.

With over 100 million dollars invested in to the advertising alone for Bing, Microsoft hopes to make it a household name. Try it out. I’m sold on it.!

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