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Have you heard of  This is the website that the government set up for you and I to monitor their progress in restoring the economy.  A way to provide economic and government transparency.


My home is only miles away from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  I find it kind of humorous that so many people who live within a few miles of an air force base the size of a small city still look up at the sky every time an aircraft flies overhead.  You should see them.  Maybe they are looking for the same thing I am:  Flying saucers.  It’s rumored that there are aliens at Wright Patt. although I don’t believe it.


Have you heard of area 51?  I’m sure you have.  Apparently, there is a huge stockpile of aliens there as well.  I want to see how an alien lives.  Is it kind of like Men In Black?  If so, I’m there!


Not all government conspiracies are as easy to poke fun at.  How about the September 11th World Trade Center conspiracies that claim that the government had a hand in bringing down the towers.  Seems a little far-fetched to me but why am I bringing up all of these conspiracies?


There are, of course, people out there who will not believe anything the government has to say but for the rest of us, check out  I’m amazed at how many people have no idea that this new government sponsored website exists.  It was set up for one reason:  Transparency. 


Transparency is one of the few words that pretty much means the same thing in every context that it is used in.  Transparency in economics means one important thing:  You can access information about a company.  You can see through the walls of the company and peer in to what used to be a secret:  Their financial records.


A quick trip to Yahoo! Finance will allow you to look at how much money a company has, its debts, its expenses, and everything else.  Why would you invest in a company if you didn’t know what its books looked like?  (Not-so-bright people do it everyday but that’s a story for another article)


The government quickly figured out that if it was going to cry out to the masses for transparency on Wall St., it would have to do the same thing with the bailout money that the Obama Stimulus Plan requested so here came


If you want my opinion, here it is:


The positives of

            Easy to navigate website with information at your fingertips

            Charts and graphs which all of us like

            Frequent updates

The negatives of

            A lot of information but who has time to sift through it all?

            The reading level is higher than the average Joe will understand.

I want to know how my money is being spent, not the 150 names of people who are on the committee.



If you see evidence of a secret society of Martians, a 9/11 conspiracy, or believe the government is releasing a gas of some sort that will keep us all from voting Republican in the next election, this site will probably fuel your fire but if you are looking for information on the Obama Stimulus Plan, may be a good place to start…after!

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