Creative Ways to Save Money

A little creativity goes a long way even when it comes to saving money. People seem to see money and finance as something very analytical and don’t think enough with their creative side when it comes to saving, spending, and making money.

I started thinking about this a few days ago when I got an e-mail from a popular restaurant that I frequent. I eat there 1 or 2 times per month with an average bill for my wife and myself at about $30. You wouldn’t think that $60 per month is a big deal but if you are looking to be wealthy one day or just save money, every dollar counts.

The e-mail said, “Give the perfect gift for mother’s day. Buy a $25 gift card and receive a $5 gift card free.” The opportunity to save money might be immediately apparent to you but my first thought was that my mother lives in Florida and doesn’t have this restaurant down there so this doesn’t apply to me. I immediately deleted the e-mail without giving it a second thought.

The second thought came the next day. Why did I have to buy this gift card to give away? What if I kept it for my wife and I? In fact, if I bought a $100 gift card, I would get $20 free. This means that my next four meals will be at a 20% discount! Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Most people don’t know this about me but my day job is, public school music teacher. When people talk to me about that job vs. being a financial writer on the side, they tell me that these two jobs seem unrelated. I couldn’t disagree more. Great entrepreneurs are first creative. They see a need that hasn’t been filled or even better, they fill a need before people know that they need it. That is creativity at work. Great investors see the possibilities in the visions of great entrepreneurs and that too is creativity at work. The self-made wealthy didn’t get that way by accident. They got there by thinking creatively.

You may never be a millionaire but saving money involves creativity. Think twice about those advertisements that you don’t think apply to you.

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