Getting out of credit card debt is easy if you use this system

Getting out of credit card debt is like losing weight. Most of want to do it, we know we need to do it, but we just can’t seem to get anywhere. We stay in debt for years. Some of pay more than $100 PER MONTH in interest to service our credit card debt.

Warren Buffett, probably the most successful investor in American history says that if he would have not stayed out of debt, he would have never been as successful as he is today. The idea behind this is simple. Debt will never allow you to be wealthy. You can’t have long term wealth and large amounts of debt at the same time which is why getting out of credit card debt needs to be your top priority.

There are a lot of people who have a lot of advice about this subject. They will tell you that all you have to do is pay a little more than the minimum payments, cut up your credit cards, and poof, before you know it, you’ll be debt free. Most of us know that advice like that simply doesn’t work.

A friend of mine, Ryan Bauer, has written a great series of ebooks about this very subject. This system is called the Debt Annihilation Formula. He talks about how to get rid of your debt in a practical way. You may have heard that you should pay off high interest credit cards first but Ryan takes it a step further and tells you why only paying the highest interest debt doesn’t help you in getting out of credit card debt.

Have you noticed that there is a key fact that breaks down in most systems? This fact is somehow missed and it’s so obvious. A lot, in fact most people don’t stay in debt because they want to. They stay in debt because they don’t make enough money to get ahead of the debt.

In Ryan’s ebook, he gives you more than 60 pages of real ways to make extra money. These aren’t those work at home scams. They are real, legitimate ways to make extra money to work off your debt. Can you write articles about topics you enjoy? He shows you how to make extra money working when you have time writing articles on topics of your choice.

One of the best parts of his ebook series is the advice he gives about improving your credit. These aren’t those scam or illegal pieces of advice. They are legal, practical ways to negotiate with your creditors.

There are more free gifts included in Ryan’s ebook that you are going to find invaluable. Click any of the underlined links above or the Debt Annihilation banners to take a look at his risk free offer.

Getting out of credit card debt is difficult. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. Ryan knows this and gives you practical ways to get through it.

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