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There is only one reason that so many of us are investing our hard earned money in the stock market:  TO MAKE MONEY!  If the statistics are correct, you’re an average person making a living outside of the investing field.  You’re making your own stock picks but have little, if any money to show for it.  I was in the same situation until I discovered Action Alerts Plus.  Once I subscribed to this service, I found myself winning in the stock market while doing less work on my portfolio.


 “For every dollar I invest using Action Alerts Plus, I make an average of 20 cents!  No long hours of research.  Just a minute spent reading an e-mail” 88x31 Free Trial

If you watch CNBC, you have probably heard of Jim Cramer.  He, with the help of Action Alerts Plus,  is going to turn your portfolio around by helping you make better stock picks.  He started as a hedge fund manager making his clients millions of dollars.  His hedge fund was wildly successful but the job became something he didn’t enjoy.  He turned his career to journalism by writing books and appearing each day on CNBC. 

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You might have even seen him on the Today Show when he made the highly controversial call to everybody to take their money out of the market if they needed it within 5 years.  Soon after that announcement, came the stock market meltdown of 2008.

If you read his books, you will read that he is committed to educating the part time investor so that they are not beat by the market.  He runs what he calls a charitable trust called Action Alerts Plus.  He calls it charitable because any profits made are donated to charity at the end of the year. 

By subscribing to this service, Jim and his staff will send you e-mails throughout the day telling you of the buy and sell orders he is about to put in for his portfolio.  You can then make the same trades as Jim so as he makes money, you make money.  He makes your stock picks for you and you WATCH YOUR PROFITS SKYROCKET!!


Sign up now for the 14 day free trial and get a copy of his best selling book, Stay Mad for Life.  This offer could end at any time!


Along with these e-mails, his explanations are quite lengthy.  He doesn’t simply tell you to buy or sell a certain stock, he tells you why so that you’re learning along the way.  At the end of each week, he sends out what he calls the weekly roundup where he goes through each stock in the portfolio and provides an update.  The Action Alerts Plus portfolio is designed for you and I to learn the basics of stock picking has consistently beat the market.

The amazing part of this is that you have Jim Cramer and his staff doing your research for you.  All you have to do is follow along and do what he does.  As a subscriber, I have found that the yearly membership fee that I pay for Action Alerts plus is made back within the first month of the year.  Most of the time, I make a 20% gain on each of the positions I choose to invest along side of him.

Along with your membership, you receive a free copy of Jim Cramer’s book, Stay Mad for Life.  His books are easy to read and straightforward.  They give you easy to follow advice that you will use to make better stock picks.

The first book I ever read about investing was Jim Cramer’s Real Money. Click here to go to the elementary finance bookstore to order your copy. You can also take a look at the book in the box above. Although the first book, it is still the book I reread once every year.

You may have started investing because you wanted to save money for your child’s college, finance a vacation, or some other expense that is important to you and your family’s life only to find that the riches others claim to make weren’t coming to you.  That’s when you know that you need help.  There’s no shame in asking for help.  There is only shame in losing money.  Nobody will know that Action Alerts Plus helped you make your money and you won’t care when you aren’t the family applying for student loans when  your child goes to college.


I only recommend products that I have used.  I guarantee that Action Alerts Plus will make you money!


CLICK HERE to take a look and get your 14 day trial to Action Alerts Plus.  He is also offering $50 off for a limited time.  He says that he is not sure when the offer will end so act now.  It has not only made my portfolio loads of money but it has also taught more about investing than any other book I’ve read. 


You need to at least sign up for the trial.  You will wonder why nobody told you about this before now. 88x31 Free Trial

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