Is Jim Cramer a Nut or an Asset to Your Portfolio?

I have to admit that I’m a little biased.  I’m a big Jim Cramer fan. There are many reasons why but here are a few:

1.)  He gets it right- A lot!-  He took heat on the Today show for telling people to take their money out of the market.  Soon after that, the market crashed.  This past March, he told people to put their money back in.  Soon after that, the market shot up and now it is up nearly 40%.  I’m a member of his Action Alerts Plus service and he has made me a lot of money.  A study done by a university economics professor in which Cramer wasn’t in contact with the person revealed that if somebody were to invest in all of his calls, they would have made a lot of money.  Argue all you want but it’s hard to argue with success.

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2.)  He looks out for the little guy-  Do you watch and of those stuffy financial shows and feel like you have no idea what they are talking about?  Watching Cramer’s show won’t leave you feeling like that.  Read his books and you will get easy to understand advice.  He truly is a friend to the little guy.

The first book I ever read about investing was Jim Cramer’s Real Money. Click here to go to the elementary finance bookstore to order your copy. You can also take a look at the book in the box above. Although the first book, it is still the book I reread once every year.

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