Does Using to Make Money Go Too Far?

Where do you draw the line?

There are of ton of how to articles floating around the internet about how to save money. One of the biggest budget busters in our lives is the amount of money we spend on food. According to the Huffington Post, Americans spend 10% of their income on food and for those who dine out far more than they should, that number is much higher. This is why personal finance experts suggest finding creative ways to keep food expenditures to a minimum.

You’re thinking coupons, buying generic, or even sticking with the dollar menu when you have to dine out but according to Business Insider, one New York City women had another idea and she later got her roommate involved. This article tells the story of a woman who had unsustainable credit card debt and needed a way to cut expenses to pay down the financial burden.

Living in New York City isn’t cheap so maybe traditional cost cutting tactics weren’t so much an option so she found a way to cut out $500 per month and according to Business Insider, she made $1,200 per month when everything is added.

Here comes the shocking part. This woman and her roommate purchased a membership to and went on “dates” with a rotation of men five nights per week. Because many of these were first or second dates (they never went on a date with the same man more than five times) the dates were often extravagant. She was eating at some of the most exclusive restaurants in New York.

Her and her roommate had rules. They always knew where each other were going, met their dates in a neutral site, and they made spreadsheets that included all identifiable information about their dates presumably if they needed to supply information to the police.

What do You Think?

Here’s another angle courtesy of Forbes. In this survey, women believed that $85 on a first date was enough to spend on a first date and anything under $27 was too little for a first date. That sounds reasonable but that led Forbes Magazine to wonder if women have a price and does that make them much different from this person?

Second, could some of these professional men be looking for something similar? Could they be looking for a night out with an attractive woman without having to commit to a long-term relationship?

Other than illegal activity, is there a limit to what we should do to save money or is getting out of debt and setting yourself up for a less financially leveraged life worth putting your safety and the hearts of other people at risk?

What do you think?