How Well Did the Micro Car Do in Crash Tests?

Gas prices go up, gas prices go down but the future of the auto industry just may be micro cars. These tiny 1 or 2 person cars are so small that they will slash your fuel bills. How does 27 city miles to the gallon or 33 highway miles sound to you? How does a brand new Honda Fit starting at $14,750 sound? Micro Cars, the generic term for these small cars may become the new car of the future.

I personally like SUVs. Big cars with big wheels, a big hood, and big gas bills. I consider myself pretty green in most things but not cars. For those who like small cars, this may be worth looking at.

There may be at least one drawback to these micro cars: They didn’t do very well in crash tests. Here’s an excerpt from a recent article:

According to the latest head-to-head crash tests by the non-profit group Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, people riding in these “micro” cars would be at risk of a serious injury… IIHS ran the three smallest cars on the road into mid-size sedans from their respective companies. The cars collided head on at 40 MPH. Not surprisingly, all three suffered far greater damage and than the bigger cars they hit. While all three meet and exceed federal crash safety standards, IIHS gave the three micro cars a “poor” rating in these head-to-head tests.

Of course the manufacturers are saying that these tests aren’t accurate but isn’t it common sense? A smaller car isn’t going to fare as well as my SUV. If I hit a micro car, my SUV had better look better when it’s all done.

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