Can you make money easy online?

You can turn on the tv, you can read the e-mails or go to the websites. The new message seems to be, “make money easy online”. (Complete with the improper use of “easy.”)

You will have to pardon my snobbery for only a moment but not long ago I watched a webcast of a seminar put on by a man who looked and sounded like they found him on the street. He spoke at what sounded like a 6th grade level, complete with profane language and wore a ripped flannel shirt with dirty jeans.

In the audience was a room full of clean cut people, many in suits and other business attire feverishly taking notes on everything he was saying. He had a PowerPoint presentation where he was showing pictures of what he characterized as one of his multiple homes.

What the audience saw was a house the size of a mansion overlooking a beach with finely manicured lawns and luxury cars sitting out front. His seminar was all centered around, make money easy online. (Again, the improper English is included as a quote)

I’m in no position to doubt his claims. I’m also taking off my snob hat to tell you what I really believe. I believe that we all have marketable talents regardless of our education. It is absolutely feasible that this man had found something he was good and passionate about and was not making a lot of money doing it but I want to provide you with a word of caution.

I could easily be included as a person who would benefit from the “make money easy online” seminar. I participate in Internet marketing and, in fact, put a fair amount of time in to it. As somebody with experience I want to give you a few words of caution: First, don’t quit your job because somebody told you that there is easy money out there by marketing “stuff” on the Internet. The facts are that more than 95% find that they don’t make a substantial amount of money online.

Second, understand that if you do want to make money online, it’s the same as every other business. You need to be unique, you need to spend countless hours reading and researching, and you have to be prepared to stick with it and keep trying.

The seminars will tell you how easy it is. They will show you pictures of big houses and say that it’s only a matter of time. “Make money easy online” becomes something that seems attainable.

Here’s my final word of advice: If you want to make money easy online, think in another direction. Use the internet to learn. Learn to manage your money better. Learn how to pay off your debts, and learn to make smarter decisions with your time and money that will turn in to profit.

A friend of mine, Ryan Bauer, has written a great series of ebooks about debt. This system is called the Debt Annihilation Formula. He talks about how to get rid of your debt in a practical way. You may have heard that you should pay off high interest credit cards first but Ryan takes it a step further and tells you why only paying the highest interest debt doesn’t help you in getting out of credit card debt.

In Ryan’s ebook, he gives you more than 60 pages of real ways to make extra money. These aren’t those work at home scams. They are real, legitimate ways to make extra money to work off your debt. Can you write articles about topics you enjoy? He shows you how to make extra money working when you have time writing articles on topics of your choice.

One of the best parts of his ebook series is the advice he gives about improving your credit. These aren’t those scam or illegal pieces of advice. They are legal, practical ways to negotiate with your creditors. While the debt repayment calculator may say it will take 6 years, with this system, it will take much less.

There are more free gifts included in Ryan’s ebook that you are going to find invaluable. Click any of the underlined links above or the Debt Annihilation banners to take a look at this series. I only recommend products that I have reviewed thoroughly. I’m confident that his product can help you tackle your debt.

Make money easy online! You’ll hear it all the time. How about paying off your debts and saving all of that money on interest? Now there’s a great way to save!

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