Portfolio Live for IPhone

I never wanted to have an Apple addiction.  The cool guy on those TV ads while I’m sitting at home typing away on my PC.  There’s just something about Apple you love to hate…or maybe hate to love.  That’s how I feel about my IPhone.  I’m addicted to it.  I hate to love it but I do.  Call me a sellout but I’m convinced that anybody who has another phone and says that their phone is better has never tried the IPhone.

Let me give you one reason why I love my IPhone.  The apps.  The app that I use the most is portfolio live.  It costs a few dollars but well worth it.  If you have a stock portfolio, you can enter your stocks in to this app for real time tracking.  You can put up to 30 stocks in each portfolio.  The amount of portfolios is unlimited.  With each stock, you can place as many lots as you would like to track your gains and losses.

The only drawbacks that I have found is, first, it uses a lot of battery power if you set it to update every few seconds.  If you are looking for an app to track your portfolio, try Portfolio Live.

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