PortfolioLive is a must for all IPhone Stock Traders


For those of you who are investing fanatics and have an IPhone, you may have read about my love for the PortfolioLive app. This is the single best stock tracking app. that I have found for my IPhone. You can read my original review by clicking here but I have some good news. I received an e-mail from the makers of this app and there is a new version coming out any day.


The main reason that I wrote to Turing Studios, the makers of PortfolioLive was to request a feature in the new version. As many of you seasoned traders know, often you are interested in a stock but it’s too expensive when you become interested. Like anything else in your life, if you think it’s overpriced relative to it’s value, you aren’t going to buy until the price comes down. I did this when High Definition TVs first appeared.

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You may do this too. In my portfolioLive app, I created a watch list. Throughout my day, I check my watchlist waiting for the stocks on my list to hit the price target that I have in my mind. I know that I could set limit orders and such but just because a stock hits my target, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to buy. I want to look at the momentum of it first. If it’s going down rapidly, I want to wait.

Here’s where this new feature comes in to play. My watchlist is long and my memory is short. The only way to remember my buy levels is to write them in the notes section of my IPhone. This is inconvenient as you can imagine. What I would like is to have a way to attach notes to each position in my PortfolioLive portfolios.

I e-mailed Turing Studios and told them of my request and I’m happy to report that in the new version that is coming out any day, you are going to be able to write notes for each stock that you enter. Don’t give me the credit. They had this in development before I said anything but this is just another reason why you must have this app if you are a trader that can’t sit in front of your computer all day and watch your stocks. This app is open on my phone every time my phone is in my hand.

There are other features coming as well. Among them, advanced charting features not found in version 1. According to Turing Studios, if you want to have a sneak peak of what is in the new version, take a look at their other app, ChartsLive.

Remember that if you buy version 1, you will get version 2 for free when it comes out. I’m convinced that if you don’t have this app and you’re a trader, you are missing out on a great tool to make money. Go buy PortfolioLive right now.



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