What’s the Difference between a Pro investor and an Amateur?

What separates the great stock pickers from the amateur? You will be surprised to find that it’s many of the same attributes as any other discipline. I was a guest contributor to another website where I answered that question. Read the complete article here. Here is a brief excerpt of that article:

Well, just like it is with any other activity, it’s all about honing your skills. For instance, becoming a great golfer is no easy feat. I have listened closely to great players like Tiger Woods to find out their “secrets” for being so successful. It turns out (they’ll admit) that this success can be attributed to a small amount of natural talent and a huge amount of hard work.

I believe that successful people all share the same kind of attributes, and it’s no different with great investors. I thought to put together a short list of what makes someone able to handle their investments so well.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here

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