Review: Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus

Anybody who has read many of my articles knows that I’m a fan of Jim Cramer.  Although he receives his fair share of criticism, in my experience, many of his calls have been right on.  Often times I have taken his advice and made some money.  I wanted to talk about a service that he offers called Action Alerts Plus.

Action Alerts Plus is a charitable stock portfolio ran by Jim Cramer as a teaching tool.  Any profits he makes are donated to charity at the end of the fiscal year.

“For every dollar I invest using Action Alerts Plus, I make an average of 20 cents! No long hours of research. Just a minute spent reading an e-mail”

All paying members of this service receive access to the entire portfolio but what is more beneficial is that throughout the day, members receive e-mails of trades he is going to make soon after we receive the e-mail.  The e-mails not only tell members what is being traded but more important, why.  There is always a detailed explanation of the trade and why it is important to make.

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This service can be used in two ways.  First, many people trade along side of this portfolio.  If Jim Cramer does, many Action Alerts Plus members also do it without question.  The way I use it is very similar.  As a person not part of the full time financial world, I don’t have the time to do the research necessary to keep up with all of the market trends and changing fundamentals about a stock.  Jim Cramer has a very large staff who is doing the research for me.  All I have to do is read each alert and decide if that stock is right for me.  Often times it is.

Sign up now for the 14 day free trial and get a copy of his best selling book, Stay Mad for Life. This offer could end at any time!

The price of over $300 per year may seem a little high but if you divide it by 12 months, it’s really a great deal especially since following his trades will make you far more than enough to pay for the membership fee.

Give it a try!  You won’t be disappointed.

The first book I ever read about investing was Jim Cramer’s Real Money. Click here to go to the elementary finance bookstore to order your copy. You can also take a look at the book in the box above. Although the first book, it is still the book I reread once every year.

You need to at least sign up for the trial. You will wonder why nobody told you about this before now.

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