How to Save Money When Things Are Getting More Expensive

With the cost of goods and services continually on the rise, consumers must look for creative ways to reduce their expenses without interrupting the quality of their lives. Little things can make the difference, allowing consumers to remain within their budgets regardless of increasing prices.

Car Expenses

When purchasing gasoline you should always opt for the lowest octane gas unless your vehicle specifically states that it needs a specific octane to run efficiently. Most cars are designed to run on 87 octane, and purchasing higher octane gasoline is just an unnecessary expense.

Take advantage of store branded gasoline centers. Many grocery centers have their own gas stations that offer discounts to shoppers. Some will offer a few cents off per gallon with a receipt from the grocery store, others will offer discounts on gasoline when you use a gift card from that store at the pump. Since gift cards are free and rechargeable, it is smart to charge up a gift card to use at the pump to receive the discount.

Home Expenses

One way to reduce your home expenses is to review your cable bill. Do you really watch all of the channels that you pay for or can you downgrade your service to a lower monthly fee for less channels? If you stream movies from the Internet there is no longer any reason to pay for subscription services to movie channels.

Do you still use your land line? Most people have become so reliant on their mobile phones that most never pick up a land line phone for anything other than answering a telemarketing call. You can reduce your monthly expenses by disconnecting your land line and only using your cell.

Grocery Expenses

If it is at all possible, shop at the grocery store after 5 pm. Grocery stores will mark down everything they have made fresh that day such as bread and gourmet foods as “day-old” products to move it before the end of day. These items may have only been made an hour before, but they are considered day-old at 5pm each day. You can purchase these products at half off during this time period.

Try store brands instead of national brands. Most of these products are made by the same companies producing the major brands for the store as a private label. It is a way for these companies to “compete” with their own products and still make a profit. You can take advantage of this strategy and considerably reduce your grocery bill.

Shop the meat department the day before a sale ends. Most grocery stores run their sales Wednesday to Tuesday. Meat that was on sale during the week cannot be re-priced so it is often further reduced on the last day of the sale to move it out of the store.

Personal Expenses

There are many ways to reduce your personal expenses. Take a look at any subscription service you may have, including gym memberships, and honestly ask yourself if you are using them. Do you read that magazine you keep paying for, or are you visiting their online site? Can you reduce your gym fees for a membership that is more suited for your usage? Do you really need to be a part of a dining club when you haven’t visited any of the approved restaurants in the club for months?

Take advantage of store reward cards. Many stores are now offering shoppers rewards cards that provide discounts and special sales to members. These memberships are free, and most information is sent to you via email. You can receive special discounts on merchandise that you actively purchase through them just by being a member.

Pack your lunch and eat breakfast at home. One of the largest expenses people encounter during the workweek is their food expense. You can greatly reduce this expense by making sure you eat breakfast at home instead of in the car on the way to work, and by bringing your lunch. Not only will this small change save you a lot of money, it will also improve your health.

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