How to Save Money On Your Wedding

I’ve learned a lot about weddings lately.  I’m getting married soon but I’m not going to pretend that I have done much of the work.  That’s good because if it were up to me, we would probably end up with a lot of bright greens and nachos and I’m pretty sure CMT’s “My Big Redneck Wedding” would be knocking at our door.  (I always thought it would be cool if Elvis married us)


I have learned a lot about the process, though.  Although we have all heard the realities, it’s different once it actually becomes reality.  Breathing in a wedding store costs money and I think we paid extra for the cake stand.  If we didn’t have a stand, what would it be put on?


The reality is that weddings cost a lot of money but I think they can be economical yet still classy with a little work.  I put together a small list of ways to save money:


1.)    How about a weekday wedding?  Saturday costs a lot more money than Thursday.

2.)    Hold the wedding and the reception at the same location.

3.)    Don’t be afraid to haggle especially if you’re getting married in the offseason.

4.)    A simpler invitation or online for that matter

5.)    Buy your dress at a sample sale, Ebay, Craigslist, consignment, etc.

6.)    No knickknacks- Cute little favors are meaningless to most of your guests so save your money.

7.)    Destination Wedding- Go somewhere to get married.  Some resorts will give you everything you need for not much money.

8.)    Do it yourself flowers-  My fiancée found a place where you can make your own flower arrangements.  They offer some DIY tips and off you go.  It’s much cheaper.

9.)    Keep your registry targeted.  Don’t put items on your registry that you don’t really want.  Have a wide variety of price points but don’t overdo the registry.


And finally…

10.)Do a cost benefit analysis when it comes to guests.  Think about each guest and decide if the value of their gift will warrant spending money on them at the wedding.


Note to my fiancée-  Everything you have done so far is perfect!


Note to my readers:  #10 is a joke….I think

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