Shriners Hospitals in Financial Trouble

Articles like this could consume a website and so they should. Because I don’t normally like to pick one charity over another, I simply steer clear of things like this but not this time. The Associated Press has an article out today saying that the Shriners may have to close 6 hospitals due to financial concerns.

I’ve been a long time supporter of the Shriners. The Shriners Hospitals across the nation have been providing free medical care for those who cannot afford it themselves since before The Great Depression. Most of the money comes from an endowment fund of about $5 Billion. In fact, most of the money that funds their hospitals comes from this endowment. It doesn’t come from the donations it receives.

In 2007 there was an accusation that money was being misused. Lavish parties were apparently being funded with donations at the expense of the hospitals. Whether or not this is true or not isn’t overly important to me since the money that funds the hospitals does come from the endowment.

Currently. The Shriners are in trouble. They say that more than $1 million is being pulled from the endowment each day to fund the hospitals. They are working hard to cut costs and one of the was to do that is to close hospitals. I don’t want to see that happen nor do many in the Shriners organization.

If you’re looking for a place to put your charitable money this year, consider The Shriners. The hospitals that they fund are the real thing and provide help to huge numbers of children across America and two other countries.

I’ve always said that the market is a big game but in this case, the game is affecting real people and even worse, sick, defenseless children. I hate to see that happen.


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