The Snuggie vs. The Slanket- The War Heats Up!

I don’t know where you stand on this debate but like many of the great debates in our nation’s history, this one will surely be one for the history books.  Generations from now, the history books will speak of the great Snuggie/Slanket debate of the early 21st century.



The Snuggie, like a bad cold, just won’t go away. 20 Million Snuggies have been sold since Otober  Millions of faithful wearers, Facebook groups devoted to it, what’s next?  I have the answer:  The Slanket.


You might not know much about the Slanket so here are some technical specs:


Slanket General Description

  • Slanket came first and Snuggie came along with a cheaper imitation.
  • Much bigger than the Snuggie with bigger sleeves.
  • Dimensions measures 97″ x 58″ or 66″ x 62″
  • Costs almost twice as much as the Snuggie.
  • The Slanket looks like it has more pile to the fabric.
  • It looks like it would be more apt to fall off your shoulders with all the weight of the heavy material.
  • Looks like it’s more able to wrap around your back than the Snuggie.
  • Very difficult to get up and walk around because of the length and bagginess of it.
  • Looks more like a one sided blanket with sleeves than a robe.
  • Material is 100% polyester but more luxurious.
  • says they are sold out until after Christmas but doesn’t say that. So they may have some in stock.


The competition is heating up though.  Read an excerpt from the article from the San Francisco Times below:


 A few minutes later, a red Snuggie with pockets rolled in. Could it be – gasp! – a Slanket, the similar fleece product that is the Snuggie’s natural rival (if only because it costs an elitist $40)? “Slanket, go home!” someone bellowed. But it was just an online-only Snuggie Deluxe that is 50 percent thicker and boasts pockets.

Snuggie versus Slanket. Snuggies were not necessarily the first wearable blanket. The Slanket was brought to market by two brothers, Gary and Jeff Clegg, when their mother sewed holes in a sleeping bag in 1997. The major differences between a Snuggie and a Slanket are the quality of the fabric and the pockets – Slankets have pockets, Snuggies don’t. There is a version of the Snuggie available in thicker fabric, with sleeves, that costs $29.95,

Sticker shock. The Slanket’s price ($37.99 before shipping) turned off many of the Snuggie pub crawl attendees, but Slankets are still selling. Company President Gary Clegg says 1 million have already sold and 1 million orders have been placed “for this coming season.” But it’s unclear what constitutes a season when you’re dealing with fleece wear.


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