How Much Do You Spend on Hair and Makeup?

My wife loves everything girlie. Shoes, clothes, makeup, the salon, and just about everything else that I think of when I think of a female. The same thing could be said of men and the manly things like sports. The point is that everybody has a hobby and often with a hobby comes a little less discipline when it comes to what is spent on it. Newsweek did a little bit of research on how much money an average women spends on those “girlie” things. The number may catch you by surprise.

First, the verdict. Over the lifetime of an average female, they will spend $449,127 on all things cosmetic. This does not include surgical procedures such as breast augmentation of liposuction.

Like anything else, it’s important not to live beyond our means. If you like your high end beauty products, make sure that your budget notates this.

This brings up the question, if every women is spending nearly a half of a million dollars on beauty, does the world have an unhealthy obsession with beauty? Maybe but my wife enjoys it. She likes to read about it, watch the fashion shows, and learn all she can about it. It makes here feel prettier and although some would argue that it’s an unhealthy way to see herself as pretty, I don’t feel the need to solve the world’s problems when it comes to makeup and jewelry. What’s the difference between that hobby and my obsession with technology?

I believe that with all of the financial rules that I write about, sometimes you need to buy something that makes you feel good. Throw all rules aside and buy it. Just make sure it’s only 1 or 2 times a year and that all of your necessities are taken care of.

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