What NOT to do With Your Taxes

Because it’s tax time, every blog, website, and magazine are running articles about tax tips, secrets, and how to’s.  I thought I would add my own.  The advice I have for you is profound.  Here’s an article from Comcast.net to illustrate my advice:

No matter how frustrating taxes get, it’s not a good idea to threaten to do a drive-by shooting at the state Department of Revenue. Authorities charged man with two counts of terroristic threats after he got upset and allegedly told a Department of Revenue supervisor he was going to do a drive-by shooting.

According to the complaint filed in Ramsey County District Court, a Revenue Department supervisor said a 55-year-old man told her in a phone call, “Maybe I will just do a (expletive) drive-by.”

The man told the St. Paul Pioneer Press he actually told the supervisor he just felt like doing a drive-by. He said there was no mention of shooting.

He said the dispute was over $181.44 in sales taxes he believes was wrongfully charged his custom pool cue business.

So my word of advice is:  DON’T THREATEN TO KILL CITY WORKERS!

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