Looking to buy a home? Obama May Help You!

For today’s article, I’m linking us to an article I wrote for another website about the new Obama plan to revamp tax credits for first time homebuyers.  Here is an except:

We had a lot of wind yesterday. I looked outside this morning and found a yard full of sticks from the trees, leaves from my neighbor, and I’m noticing that it’s about time to paint the exterior of our home, one of my least favorite jobs. Owning a home can take a lot of time and expense but for many, its drawbacks are far more complicated than sticks, leaves, and paint. It’s economic.

Since the beginning of the recession in late 2007, credit has become more difficult to find and because of that, prospective buyers are finding it much harder to save up for a home. That down payment for a dream home is just so much harder to come by.

Click Here to read the rest and make sure to stop by tomorrow for another article.

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