This travel insurance review will give you an education

cruise_ship2Let’s go old-school for a little while.  We know what a modern day review is.  Somebody who acts like they are an expert gives us their opinion.  For this travel insurance review, we’re thinking back to the days when the facts were presented and we made our own opinions.

Did you know that travel insurance even existed?  I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know about it until a year ago.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  We have to invest thousands of dollars in to vacations and those plans have to be made months if not years before we leave.

What happens if life happens?  What happens if we get sick or injured?  What happens if a company that is key to our travel plans goes out of business?  There are all kinds of scenarios that could get in the way of our dream vacation.

In the first part of our travel insurance review, let’s answer a few questions.  How much does it cost?  Travel insurance tends to be 5% to 8% of your trip’s prepaid, non-refundable cost.  With that insurance, you are covered if you or a travel companion dies or has a medical emergency, you’re laid off from your job, your travel supplier ceases operation, bad weather, lost or stolen luggage, or plane crash, cruise illness, or terrorist activity.

Travel insurance review part 2-  Who are the big players?  First, AIG Travel Guard.  If you know anything about AIG, you know that the company is close to going out of business but it is still one of the most well known companies for insurance. 

Next,  You may not have heard of them but their reviews are great.  One note, though:  Travel insurance is found by going through the health insurance section of their website.  It’s hard to find but it’s there.

Finally, provides a side by side price comparison of the many companies that they endorse.  It would be worth your time to do some research there as well.

Finally, in our unbiased travel insurance review, let’s answer the question, do you really need travel insurance.  That’s up to you to decide based on your life.  Are you prone to illness or have any pre-existing medical conditions that make it difficult to plan that far ahead?  Are you taking a vacation to an area that would potentially be a war zone?  Will it be a major hit to your finances if you lose that money?

These are just some of the questions that you should consider when deciding if travel insurance is right for you.

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