Keep Your Vacation Pictures to Yourself!

vacationThat’s harsh isn’t it?  You’re going to thank me after reading this.  I only posted half of the actual title so here’s the rest:  Keep your vacation pictures to yourself until you get home.

Let me lay out the scenario that is playing out all over the world according to a new report published this week.  In the future, I’m going to be going on my honeymoon cruise.  I can’t wait.  I’m a considerate person so before I leave I post a comment on Twitter that says, “See you in a week.  I’m going on a cruise!”

Then I go to my Facebook page and I post the same thing.  Myspace, loopt, Yahoo!, and the 24 other social networking sites where I’m a member.  You can’t blame me for being considerate, can you?

Next, I board that cruise ship and because you have no idea what kinds of really cool things I’m seeing and you should be interested in my life, I snap some pictures and head to Facebook.  I post a picture or two that says, “Us at the Florida Keys today!”  You do the same thing with many of your other pictures.

Let’s head home although you won’t be there.  A simple search pulls up a family from the town where you and the people searching live.  These people notice that you are out of town.  One more quick search reveals your address.

What is happening?  Your home is about to be robbed.  Thieves now search social networking sites for people who are on vacation.  When they find your pictures, they find your address and head on over.

So, don’t post pictures, don’t update your status, and don’t leave any indication that you are out of your house for an extended period.

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