How Do the Wealthy Live?

Do you want some interesting reading?  Go to Yahoo! and find the article about millionaires. 


Forgive me for being a little bit of a snob on this subject but I’ve held a few different kinds of jobs:  Fast food employee, firefighter, paramedic, retail manager, dishwasher, and teacher.  In those different jobs I’ve met all kinds of people and I’ve found most of those to be kind-hearted, hard working people who don’t make enough money for the honest day’s work that they put in.


On the flipside, there are those who have the chip on their shoulder.  They believe that they are entitled to more than what they have and they resent those who have money as being somehow evil.


The article about millionaires talked about a survey that was done who revealed, once again, some interesting things about people with over 1 million dollars.


1.)    They make up 2% of our society

2.)    Most don’t live like they have money.  They are penny pinchers looking for the best bargain on everything.

3.)    They rarely eat out.

4.)    They buy used cars.

5.)    No designer clothes.


All of these things cost extra money that can be saved.  Saved money equals choices and often choices equal good financial habits.  5 dollars saved by eating at home could start earning interest.


As the story illustrates, there are some flamboyant millionaires but that’s the exception rather than the rule.  Most millionaires live a simple life.


If you are holding on to the notion that millionaires are flying around the world on their private jets, sailing the high seas on a yacht, and vacationing on their private island, statistics show that you are wrong.  They work hard at extending the buying power of each dollar that they have.  Do you want more money?  Follow their lead!

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