Web 3.0 and the CEO

I’m not very old but I’m old enough to remember my first computer.  It was in a box the size of my father’s car and felt like it weighed about as much.  It was an IBM 5150.  Two disk drives, and a 4.77 MHZ processor.  No hard drive, just a lot of 5.25 inch floppy disks that, to be honest, had a very weird feeling when I held them.

The computer that I’m writing on right now isn’t much more than 1 foot wide, 2 inches thick and my bottle of water weighs more.  It runs at just shy of 3 GHZ, has no spot for any type of floppy disk and most of what I need can found on this thing called the Internet.  Only 26 years later, the entire computing world is totally different than when it started.

The technology world continues to change and with the Web 3.0 conference starting, a lot of people are talking about this Web 3.0 but nobody knows what it is.  That’s because Web 3.0 isn’t actually anything.  Most would agree that we are on the backside of Web 2.0 but if you ask any 10 people, they will most likely not be able to tell you what that was either.

Every CEO in corporate America knows how pivotal technology is to their business.  They know that if they aren’t in step or a step ahead of what’s hot in the technological world, their competition is and that could mean tumultuous times are on the horizon.

The other side of it, though, is that technology needs CEOs.  Just today the creators of Twitter made a big announcement.  You know Twitter.  That’s the website that allows us to Tweet.  The creators said today that if their explosive growth continues at the pace that it is, they would run out of people in the world to sign up.  But that’s not the announcement.  Currently, Twitter has no real source of income.  They are burning through their venture capital money.  They said that they have nobody on their staff that know anything about incorporating advertising although I don’t think they would have a problem finding somebody.  The best technology must have people who can execute a business plan.

What does the CEO need to know about Web 3.0?  We’re going to look at that over the next few days in this 3 article series about Web 3.0.

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