Wendy’s Nutrition Facts- Healthy for your portfolio

wendysNutrition Facts are important for most of us when we eat just about anything these days. Today we look at Wendy’s and the choice is clear. Wendy’s Nutrition Facts say one thing: This company is very healthy for your stock portfolio. That’s why we are picking Wendy’s (who also owns Arbys) as stock #4 in our No Hassle Stock Portfolio. They symbol you will need is WEN.

I’ve had my eye on this company for quite a long time. Where I live, we have a Wendy’s on every block in part because it’s a local company with its United States headquarters only an hour from my home. This is important because if you have a local company where news shows up in the local paper before it becomes Wall St. news, that can sometimes be an advantage.

First, the fundamentals: Wendy’s nutrition facts used to look quite unhealthy. Wendy’s has been having trouble executing over the past 5 years but things have shown marked improvement. The one reason that I haven’t been behind this company in the past is because management has been missing the mark but all of that has turned around. Don’t forget about the anecdotal measures. I love their food and everybody I know loves their food. Their service is fast and, at least at the restaurants around me, the orders are always right. This is hardly something you’ll find on the Wall St. measures but it’s important that the quality of the company match the stock.

There is another reason that I think Wendy’s Nutrition facts have become much more healthy: They’re going international. Companies like Yum Brands, who owns franchises like Taco Bell know that the growth prospects are not so much in America. Instead, they went overseas and have seen big growth. Wendy’s is now doing the same thing.

Their balance is in great shape and the technicals show Wendy’s and Arby’s well above the 21 and 200 day moving average with the trend lines pointing up for each. Everything about this company looks good.

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As we look at Wendy’s nutrition facts, we have to look at one not so bright spot and that’s Arby’s. While management says that the Arby’s division is getting better, the numbers show modest improvement at best. Still, I like this company and if they can turn Wendy’s around, they can do the same with Arby’s.

Remember that we don’t buy without a dividend for this fund. The 1% dividend is going to pay us to wait.

Here’s what I did: I was waiting for a nice pullback and finally I got it. At the end of the day, I purchased 400 shares at $5.38. The potential for long term growth is huge!

One word of caution: We have seen the No Hassle Portfolio do quite well in the short term. Up more than 20% in less than 2 months is not going to be the norm as we continue. I don’t expect WEN to be the next BAC. We’re in this for the long haul so be patient. When it pulls back, don’t worry. We’re letting management do its magic overseas.

The verdict? Wendy’s Nutrition facts point to one thing: Lean and healthy. An asset to your portfolio and will make money in the elementary-finance.com No Hassle Portfolio!

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