Do you really need one of the credit card debt services?

Credit cards, to many are like alcohol. To the person who understand how to partake in a responsible way, they can be a handy tool but to others, they can be a means to financial ruin. Maybe you’re one of those victims of the credit card and are now looking for help. There are many credit card debt services who will be happy to take your money and often offer you less than superior service but there’s another way: Educate yourself and get out of credit card debt.

A large portion of Americans have a credit card balance of more than $10,000 and pay more than $100 in interest PER MONTH! What would you do if you had an extra $1,200 per year? Can you imagine how your quality of life would improve with just an extra $100? It can be done without the help of credit card debt services.

The first thing you have to do is quit using your cards. That may require that you lower your quality of life for a relatively short time. You can’t use your card for anything and cheap food will be needed but you can do it. This will free up to put towards your cards. If you have more than one card, consider paying your lowest balance card off first. This will give you the jumpstart you need to continue in your journey.

The second card you should pay off is the highest interest card. Add the money that you are no longer paying to that first credit card to your payment for the second card. In no time, you will be debt free on a second card.

There’s a lot more to this method and luckily, I know where to find the rest of the information you need to be successful with this program.

A friend of mine, Ryan Bauer, has written a great series of ebooks about debt and shows you even more ways to be your own credit counselor just like those credit card debt services. This system is called the Debt Annihilation Formula. He talks about how to get rid of your debt in a practical way. You may have heard that you should pay off high interest credit cards first but Ryan takes it a step further and tells you why only paying the highest interest debt doesn’t help you in getting out of credit card debt.

In Ryan’s ebook, he gives you more than 60 pages of real ways to make extra money. These aren’t those work at home scams. They are real, legitimate ways to make extra money to work off your debt. Can you write articles about topics you enjoy? He shows you how to make extra money working when you have time writing articles on topics of your choice.

One of the best parts of his ebook series is the advice he gives about improving your credit. These aren’t those scam or illegal pieces of advice. They are legal, practical ways to negotiate with your creditors. While the credit card debt services may tell you that it will take a long time, with a little discipline, you will have those cards paid in no time.

There are more free gifts included in Ryan’s ebook that you are going to find invaluable. Click any of the underlined links above or the Debt Annihilation banners to take a look at this series. I only recommend products that I have reviewed thoroughly. I’m confident that his product can help you tackle your debt.

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